Priority List During the Baseball Season:

1. Family 2. School 3. Baseball



The foundation upon which our program is built.

1. Work Hard – Give 100% every day in both the Classroom and on the Playing Field. Show Up to Lifting and Off Season Workouts, Study Hard.

2. Be Humble. Be Courteous and Respectful.

3. Treat People Well. Be Respectful to your Elders. Be Respectful to your Teachers and Coaches. Be Respectful to your Classmates.



Players, coaches, and the support staff are working toward the same goal. We will be more successful working together to all be the best version of ourselves possible. Talent wins games. TEAMS win championships.

Cohesiveness is important to maintaining our baseball family.

Position groups have specific clearly defined expectations and standards that they commit to. By taking care of responsibilities while training we take care of each other on game days.



Discipline is sacrifice. It isn’t the easy way out.

Mental toughness comprises many elements, among which perseverance; commitment, sacrifice, self-denial, tenacity and courage are included.


Champions are made when no one is watching. If you want to be a champion then you must work like champions work to attain that level. Attack your weaknesses.



To produce great young people, who happen to be great baseball players.

Help our athletes reach their full potential in the classroom, the baseball diamond, and in life. Teach our athletes the value of respect, responsibility, integrity, leadership, teamwork, and hard work.

Represent your school and team with pride and respect.

Teach our athletes the value of lifetime fitness and mental strength.

Compete at the highest levels of sport.

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