Island WCL teams and Golden Tide of CCBC to be first Canadian teams outside the Blue Jays to employ system used in MLB

The ownership group that oversees the two West Coast League teams on Vancouver Island — along with the Victoria Golden Tide of the CCBC — has added another key development tool to the programs of the Victoria HarbourCats and Nanaimo NightOwls.
The teams will become the first Canadian baseball teams aside from the MLB Toronto Blue Jays to employ the PitchCom system, a one-way device which allows the catcher to communicate signals to the pitcher without any concern of having those signals picked up by the other team.
PitchCom is the standard in this new technology area, used exclusively at the MLB level.
This move aligns with other leading technology that the HarbourCats, NightOwls and Golden Tide have employed ahead of other peer programs — including digital-broadcast quality streaming game coverage, and AI and other aspects for platforms led by Online Director Chris Beveridge. The Golden Tide will be the first to use PitchCom, as the CCBC regular season started last weekend.
“The mandate of our programs is to develop players in a winning environment, and we are developing more players for the pro level than any other Island sports teams,” said Jim Swanson, a former coach and scout who oversees the programs, noting that five MLB players have been produced from nine seasons of HarbourCats baseball in the WCL.
“Everything we do is geared to preparing our exceptional college players for entry into the professional level — our coaching and front office personnel are dedicated to providing the pathway to those pro opportunities. We are proud to partner with PitchCom to help our catchers and pitchers in particular get ready for the technology at the pro level.”
PitchCom's Industry Leading Receiver / Transmitter Technology
The system is a one-way communication that allows the catcher to call for the pitch type, location or situation, through a small button pad, and audio receivers allow the pitcher and an infielder to hear the selection. The system was developed in part to answer issues around sign-stealing issues at the MLB level.
The Golden Tide can use and test the system under Head Coach Ethan Fox, who is also part of the HarbourCats summer staff.

“PitchCom is a big step for the NightOwls, HarbourCats and Golden Tide,” said Swanson. “Players are going to be excited about this addition.”


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